In 2012 August, Tuesday 14th, I was interviewed about my book by Thibaut, reporter at France Bleue Pays Basque

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Thibaut :Good evening

Me :Good evening

You are fond of running, and that is the main subject of your book. You tell the readers how this passion changed your life. But what led you to run? What was the starting point that made run a marathon?

Actually, it was when I was a spectator at the Olympic Stadium  and seeing the French athlete Marie-José Pérec winning her 200m and 400 m races at the Atlanta Olympic games. This was the starting point of my running career. (laughs)

That was the starting point, and it made you want to run, but wasn’t there a big span between the wish and the reality?

Yes. A huge time span and lots of preparation. I then ran my first marathon when I was 37 years old, and after that, one or two each year.

Isn’t 37 years old a little bit late? Isn’t it too old?

No, No, Not at all! On the contrary, I think running is so good for you that it is never too late to begin running such a race. Of course, a lot of runners begin much earlier, but I’m sure any time is a good time! (laughing)

That’s it! whatever your age, you can run” that’s what I was expecting you to say.

The book is a autobiography that says  how running brought you  self-fulfilment. You  also mentioned that you stopped smoking?

Exactly, I stopped smoking in 1998, and 2 years later I ran my first marathon.

Usually, when we stop running, when we stop smoking, sorry, training is a bit difficult, isn’t it?

Yes, of course… it isn’t easy at all! However, I want to specify that I don’t have the physique  of a great sportswoman. I run for pleasure. But as you say,  thereis a gap between what we dream to be and what we find easy! But, little by little, things get better, and once you’ve stopped smoking, ( a good starting point)you can improve your physical ability, and then… You can do it!

So, everything is possible, you just need motivation, is that true?

It is!

Do you train alone or with your husband?

Sometimes with my husband, sometimes alone. The same when running marathons. If he doesn’t need the time for his own training , he runs at my speed. It is a shared hobby, which takes us to beautiful places, as we mostly run our marathons during holiday times and often abroad.

So the reports of the twelve marathons you’ve run can be found in your book. Paris… that’s classic… But also Hawaii or Singapore?

That’s it. And much more! In Australia in particular, we met a couple of Australian runners, and we ran a marathon there with them. The year after, they came to France to run the Médoc marathon ; that’s great! Running is very universal! In all the continents, and for us, it has been a way to meet incredible people.

So, what would you say to those who think :” So, her book seems to be fun.How could you make  them  thinkI want to read it tomorrow on the beach” ?Un livre pour votre été/One book for your Summer  I wrote this book with as much passion as I have for everything. Above all though, I wanted to share my personal experiences and to say it’s possible! Everybody can take a pair of running shoes and go for a run close to their house, and maybe, it will lead them to becoming a marathon runner… That’s all I wish for them!

Everyone can read your book, those who may not be at all sporty and those who are runners, maybe beginners, confirmed runners, ancient runners… everyone will recognise a part of themselves in your book. Its slogan is “When you want, you can“, isn’t it?

That’s it

In any case, I recommend you read 42,195 Millions de petites foulées, émoi, émoiet…moi“. Chantal Madiot wrote it.

Please call me “Chantaki”-  it’s my pen name

Ah! OK sorry! I just ruined the story! I’m really sorry!

(laughing)… moreover, it’s a pen name with a hint of Basque, so Basque people will appreciate it!

My Apologies!

Don’t worry! Can I just say that you can find my book in the Bayonne’s FNAC store, in all the bookstores and on line, especially on my editor web site.

And the book is“42,195 Millions de petites foulées, émoi, émoi et…moi”. Thank you for coming. I wish you a good evening

Thank you and France Bleue Pays Basque! It was a pleasure!

You’re welcome, See you!

See you Bye-Bye !